Bankruptcies expected to rise to highest levels since 2014 – AOL UK

The number of people going bankrupt across England and Wales is predicted to have jumped to its highest quarterly level since 2014 in official figures released on Tuesday.

The Insolvency Service is due to release personal insolvency figures for the first quarter of 2019.

These are made up of three types of personal insolvency bankruptcies, debt relief orders (DROs) which are aimed at people with lower levels of debt, and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) where money is shared out between creditors.

Audit firm RSMpredicts that total personal insolvencies for the quarterwill exceed 30,000 cases, including 4,455 bankruptcies, 19,000 IVAs and 6,945 DROs.

If the figure for bankruptcies is correct, it would be the highest quarterly total s…

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