Families need more debt help and less pressure from bailiffs – the new calls to support struggling households – Mirror.co.uk

The Government must take urgent action to help hard-pressed households deal with debt, MPs have warned. A report from the Commons Treasury Select Committee also calls on ministers to act now to tackle a looming crisis caused by 12million people not saving enough into pensions. It comes after figures from the Money Charity revealed Britains…

Lifetime ISA’s should be scrapped and households given help with mounting debt, say MPs – The Independent

Hard-pressed households need stronger action to help them deal with debts and save for a rainy day and a pension, MPs have urged. The Treasury Committee also called for the Lifetime ISA to be scrapped due to its perverse incentives and complexity. … Read the full article at: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/household-debt-government-help-scrap-lifetime-isas-says-treasury-committee-a8463766.html