Is this robocall illegal? The line blurs for people with student debt – MarketWatch

Sam Adler Bel Sam Adler-Bell and his sister. When Sam Adler-Bell started receiving calls last summer from numbers he didnt recognize with area codes in weird little towns offering to help him pay off his federal student loans, he was both intrigu… Read the full article at:

Forgive Flint’s School Debt Now: One Lawmaker’s Bid to Help the Kids Poisoned By Toxic Water – The Seventy Four

Awash in poisoned water and failed leadership, Flint, Michigan now sits at the brink of a potential education disaster. At least thats how Sheldon Neeley sees it. The state representative, a Democrat from Flint and former city councilman, is publicly calling for an influx of financial support for the citys crippled schools demanding the state…