Zambia: debt, unpaid salaries and a poor harvest have sown seeds of crisis – The Conversation – UK

In the volatile landscape of southern Africa, Zambia is often overlooked. It played a huge role in the liberation struggles of its neighbours. The ANC, banned in South Africa by the apartheid government, established its exile headquarters in Lusaka. The SWAPO movement, fighting for a free Namibia, was also headquartered there. Joshua Nkomos wing of the armed struggle in Zimbabwe was there, too.

In the 19th century, Zambia was deeply influenced by Cecil Rhodes and his form of corporate colonialism on behalf of the British crown. Rhodes dreamt of a Cape to Cairo road – and the main street of Lusaka is still called Cairo Road, before it branches into the Great North Road.

But, with the closing phase of apartheid, and the fall of foun…

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