Dissolve your company

When you dissolve your company with Insolvency Guardian, you are relieving yourself from the burden of a company in financial hardship with the most affordable and efficient company dissolution services. Insolvency Guardian understands that there are usually multiple reasons why you may need to dissolve your company: perhaps it is insolvent or has been consistently producing a poor turnover for some period. Alternatively, the reasons could be personal: perhaps the company has dissolved due to a relationship breakdown or an illness in the family.

Whether the reasons for the company’s hardship are business or personal, Insolvency Guardian knows that dissolving your company can be a stressful period for you, your family and your employees. Corporate Insolvency occurs when a company is no longer able to maintain its financial commitments as and when they fall due. Continuing to trade while insolvent or insolvent trading is illegal. Both the business and its directors can be punished by the law for knowingly trading while insolvent. Insolvency Guardian has a service to help you dissolve your company and regain control of your financial situation.


Liquidation is a way to dissolve your company. There are a few types of liquidation, however they all operate under the same principle of selling the company assets to satisfy the amount of debt the company owes to its creditors. In the event there is money left over, depending on circumstances, the money may be distributed among shareholders.

The benefit of using a liquidation to dissolve your company is that a liquidation, in many cases, can simultaneously meet the demands of your creditors while preventing them from proceeding with legal action. Insolvency Guardian offers the lowest priced liquidation services in Australia.

Voluntary Administration

Have you decided it’s time to dissolve your company but you are unsure what path the company should proceed with?Voluntary Administration provides a moratorium period, or flexible consulting time, for the directors to consult with creditors and other stakeholders and agree on the most appropriate company dissolution method. Insolvency Guardian can help you decide whether or not voluntary administration is the best way to dissolve your company.

When you decide it is time to dissolve your company, you want the advice of experienced professionals who can guide you through the process from beginning to end. Let Insolvency Guardian guide you through one of our affordable company dissolution services today. We can put you back on the path to financial stability now, call us today