Company Details

Company: Hosken Steel Resources Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)
ACN: 604 560 607
Status: In Liquidation

Submission of proof of debt or claim

Take notice that creditors of the Company, whose debts or claims have not already been admitted, are required on or before 10 June 2019 to prove their debts or claims and to establish any title they may have to priority by delivering or posting to me (us) at my (our) address a formal proof of debt or claim in accordance with Form 535 or 536 containing their respective debts or claims. If they do not, they will be excluded from:

  1. the benefit of any distribution made before their debts or claims are proved or their priority is established; and
  2. objecting to the distribution.

Form of proof may be obtained from me.

Date of Notice: 17 May 2019

Derrick Craig Vickers