Insolvency Guardian Risk Assessment

Insolvency Guardian has a comprehensive risk assessment procedure for all companies large and small.

We relay and investigate your customer’s net worth, their capacity to repay any and all debts, their property or equity position, their previous history including but not limited to bankruptcy and corporate insolvency reports.  We investigate all companies associated with the individual, director, or company and we provide a comprehensive report advising of our findings and our recommendation; however, the ultimate decision is up to you.

Fast forward to the part where you are losing money because you didn’t seek this information in the beginning: that is where you will find that most companies do not have the correct procedures or the access to the reports we provide and if they did, they would need someone with the experience to interpret the past trends that lead to assessing the risk of the future trends of that client.  This is where Insolvency Guardian can provide complete risk assessment at a fraction of the price it would cost to employ a full time credit officer.

In addition to the risk assessmentInsolvency Guardian provide a service that will help your company assess the risksand asset position of any individual or company, whether you are in the business of finance, lending, building and construction, or your firm is about to commence proceedings against an individual or company.  We can provide you with a comprehensive report on your customer to determine if it is commercially viable to commence proceedings and or recovery action against that customer.

In addition to this service we also provide for a complete investigation into asset hiding and the ability to penetrate the structures that attempt to defeat creditors of the money that under normal circumstance would be realised in aliquidation or a bankrupt estate.

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