Trustee Sydney

Are you facing bankruptcy in Sydney?

Do you live in Sydney and need to know more about trustees?

A Trustee is in charge of making investigations into the estate of a bankrupt to examine their financial affairs.  The Trustee will examine the estate to ascertain if any invalid transactions have been made, for example the Trustee transfers and/or transactions made as preferential payments.

If you are facing bankruptcy in Sydney it is crucial that you gain a strong understanding of what is involved.  Insolvency Guardian have been able to guide hundreds of people through the process of bankruptcy smoothly and sometimes faster than they might have thought possible.

Going into bankruptcy can be intimidating but when you approach it with professional help from Insolvency Guardian you can rest easy knowing that you are being guided by an experienced team with a great track record.  There is no set strategy for bankruptcy and Insolvency Guardian can help you to find the path that works best for your situation.

The team from Insolvency Guardian Sydney will help you to understand the role of a Trustee as well as the difference between a Trustee from the Insolvency Trustee Services Australia (ITSA) and a private Trustee.

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