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Insolvency Guardian can help you to understand what Voluntary Administration is and how it can be used to help your Gold Coast business.  Voluntary Administration allows company directors to enter a moratorium period, during this period an external administrator will take control of the company.  While this administrator is in charge of the company they will assess the state of the company and propose and arrangement for payment of debts that will be put to the company’s creditors for consideration.

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When a company enters Voluntary Administration in the Gold Coast they are given time to attempt to make a compromise or alternative arrangement with creditors which might end up saving the company.  These arrangements can benefit the company and their creditors so it is definitely worth finding out whether or not entering Voluntary Administration will be beneficial for your Gold Coast company.

Voluntary Administration is seen as the last chance for a company to reach an agreement with creditors in order to keep operating.  If an agreement can’t be reached the company can be put into liquidation, which is a better alternative to other winding up procedures.  Insolvency Guardian can help you to decide if Voluntary Administration is right for your company.  For more information call the number below and one of our consultants will help you to determine if Voluntary Administration is necessary in your situation.

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