The administrator is the liaison between the company and its creditors. An administrator is usually appointed by the company itself, although can be appointed by liquidators and secured creditors.

The administrator investigates the company and recommends whether the company should enter into:

  • deed of company arrangement
  • a liquidation
  • or be returned to the directors

The Administrator has 30 days to make the recommendation, but can apply for an extension if the company is large or complex in nature.  You can find out more about the Administrator’s role by clicking here.

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Insolvency Guardian offers a range of affordable services to Australian residents and can help you to understand if you require an administrator.  The process of administration can either be forced or voluntary.  During an administration the company will be allowed to enter a moratorium period.  During this period an impartial administrator will take control of the business to assess its viability.  The process can start with a quick call to the Insolvency Guardian team.  Taking action quickly is crucial if you are ready to find an administrator.  Insolvency Guardian can be reached by calling the number below or by going to our contact page and using our contact form.

If the administrator finds that your business is heading for bankruptcy or liquidation it is important that you talk to our team about affordable bankruptcy and liquidation packages.  Bankruptcy packages start at $600 and Liquidation packages from Insolvency Guardian start at just $5000 for Australian businesses.  Your financial situation won’t improve unless you take real action today.  Call Insolvency Guardian today and arrange a free initial consultation.  It is time for you to do the right thing for yourself and your business.

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