Company Liquidation Gold Coast

Insolvency Guardian Gold Coast is now offering Company Liquidation on the Gold Coast from just $5000 for its residents.

The Gold Coast in particular is facing major financial difficulty and more and more companies are entering liquidation every day.  Because of this financial instability and building at an all time low, people and companies are feeling the pinch. 

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All companies in Australia, especially the Gold Coast are experiencing major financial problems and are more likely to enter Company Liquidation because of rising taxes including the Labor Government’s new Carbon Tax and the rising rate of Australian Taxation Office initiated company wind ups which include:

  • Garnishee notices
  • Directors Penalty Notices
  • Commonwealth Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Notices

Because of these problems all Gold Coast businesses are in danger of becoming insolvent and Insolvency Guardian Gold Coast is offering its residents a one time offer of Company Liquidation on the Gold Coast from just $5000.

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