Corporate Insolvency

Corporate Insolvency occurs when a company is no longer able to maintain its financial commitments as and when they fall due. Continuing to trade while insolvent or insolvent trading is illegal. Both the business and its directors can be punished by the law for knowingly trading while insolvent. However, Insolvency Guardian understands that there are a myriad of reasons why this might occur and that it is usually a stressful time for you, your family and your employees. Whether it was poor risk assessment, a failed business or personal relationship or some other personal reason for your company’s insolvency, Insolvency Guardian has a service to help you regain control of your financial situation.


Company or business liquidations are suitable for your company when it is no longer profitable. Liquidating your assets can help you meet the financial demands of your creditors. Commencing liquidation, in many cases, will also cease creditors from proceeding with legal action. Insolvency Guardian offers the lowest priced liquidation services in Australia.

Voluntary Administration

Voluntary Administration is suitable for your company if you are unsure what path the company should proceed with; it provides a moratorium period for the director’s to consult with its creditors and other stakeholders and agree on the most appropriate financial strategy. Insolvency Guardian can help you decide whether or not voluntary administrationis right for you and your company.


Receivership occurs when a secured creditor wants to reclaim the funds owed to them. The receiver will collect and sell sufficient assets to meet the debt owed to the creditor and is obliged by law to report their findings to ASIC every 6 months. Insolvency Guardian can assist you with receivership.

When your company is insolvent there is no need to feel guilt, shame or embarrassment about your situation. You are not alone; Insolvency Guardian is on your side and can guide you through your corporate insolvency today. We can put you back on the path to financial stability now, call us today.