Voluntary Bankruptcy

Voluntary bankruptcy is being used by many Australians as a last resort to overcome an impending personal financial disaster.  Insolvency Guardian has helped hundreds of Australians decide if voluntary bankruptcy is the best option for them.  If you are in a situation that can only be resolved with a voluntary bankruptcy then the Insolvency Guardian team will do our best to ease you into bankruptcy.

Voluntary bankruptcy must never be faced alone, but many Australians have tried to navigate the process without seeking advice first.  Bankruptcy is a complicated process and many Australians are overwhelmed by the difficulty of it.  Many Australians are put off by the cost of professional voluntary bankruptcy advice, but the team at Insolvency Guardian have vowed to keep our prices low.  With voluntary bankruptcy packages starting from just $600 you won’t find better value voluntary bankruptcy advice anywhere in Australia.

Going broke can feel like an isolating experience, but you are not alone. Massive mortgage payments, falling property prices, high rental costs, car repayments, insurance, rates, phone bills, electricity costs, credit card bills and taxes are pushing many Australians to breaking point. The current global financial situation is tough and there are no signs that this will abate any time soon.

It’s time to relieve the stress upon you and your family.  Stop hiding and avoiding the telephone. You can take your power back and begin to piece your financial future back together, because Insolvency Guardian is here to help you. We have all the answers you need to stop the creditors calling and to restore your peace of mind.

It is important to remember that even creditors are bound by legislation. We understand this legislation and we will work with you to help end the harassment that you are currently experiencing from your creditors.

No two sets of circumstances are ever the same and the experts from Insolvency Guardian will make sure that they find the best possible debt resolution strategy for you before you declare bankruptcy.

Don’t put it off, contact us today at Insolvency Guardian on 1300 60 70 60