Why choose us?

Facing bankruptcy: whether it be as an individual, a business or as a company, insolvency issues can be a stressful and confronting process for all involved

We are a solvency accounting firm.  We are not Pre-Insolvency Advisors and you should be careful of people claiming to be Pre-Insolvency advisors as the sometimes tend to lack experience and attempt to hide assets commit offences such as “phoenixing.”   A full definition of phoenixing is available by following this link http://asic.gov.au/regulatory-resources/corporate-governance/corporate-governance-articles/illegal-phoenix-activity/ 

At Insolvency Guardian we can help you through this distressing time with all issues relating to company liquidation, official liquidation by Court order, voluntary administration and bankruptcy

Insolvency Guardian gives individuals and businesses the expert advice they need to explore the options available to them throughout the company or personal insolvency process. We have worked with a broad range of clients, individuals, businesses and companies to develop a tailored and personalised solution that addresses their individual circumstances.  

Insolvency Guardian pays special attention to long-term management plans, assessing and mitigating the dangers for your business and your individual needs.

Insolvency Guardian and our Points of Difference

  • Insolvency Guardian is the Largest International Firm of its kind.  We practice in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.
  • The reason we are so successful is because we are fairly priced and have a very successful team, being part of the SM Solvency Accountants group.  Meet our team by clicking here: https://insolvencyguardian.com.au/our-team/
  • Insolvency Guardian is Australia’s most reliable, inexpensive and efficient firm that deals with Insolvency, Business Liquidation, Company Liquidation and/ or Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency.
So don’t wait any longer! Call us today for a free initial consultation on how Insolvency Guardian can help you through the process of insolvency on your terms, in your location.

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