Greece’s European Creditors Suspend Debt Relief Measures – Voice of America

ATHENS   European creditors on Wednesday pulled a recently announced debt relief package for Greece in protest against subsequent spending measures announced by Athens. Greek stocks fell sharply and the government’s borrowing rates jumped as investors fretted over a potential flare-up in the country’s bailout problems and the possibility of early elections in the country.…

Millionaire Rep.-elect Trey Hollingsworth asking for help with campaign debts – Indianapolis Star

Trey Hollingsworth might originally be from Tennessee, a reader writes, but he has created hundreds of Hoosier jobs.(Photo: David Snodgress/The Herald-Times via AP) WASHINGTON Incoming Indiana Congressman and multimillionaire Trey Hollingsworth is asking his new colleagues for donations to repay nearly a quarter million dollars he owes to his pollster and other political consultants. Hollingsworth,…

Greek shares tank as eurozone suspends debt relief – Bristol Herald Courier (press release) (blog)

ATHENS, Greece (AP) Greek shares have fallen sharply while the interest rates charged on Greek bonds jumped higher after the country’s European creditors pulled a debt relief package announced only last week in protest at subsequent budget measures by Athens. … Read the full article at:

Activists and borrowers call on Obama administration to provide debt relief to defrauded students – Inside Higher Ed

Having unexpectedly found itself handing off the baton to a Republican administration in January, the U.S. Department of Education is racing to finish a slate of Obama administration priorities. But few of the department’s remaining tasks are as daunting as processing thousands of debt-relief claims filed by former students of closed for-profit colleges. Since the…

Archbishop Of Canterbury: Churches Are Changing Lives Through Debt Counselling – ChristianToday

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